Welcome to IBEC!

International Body For Education And Capacity Development – IBEC, is committed to build and shape capacities, inside and outside academia, to reinforce the process of sustainable development.

International Body For Education And Capacity Development – IBEC takes up processes involving extensive outreach, research, dialogue and collaboration to identify globally prioritized needs, challenges and opportunities in education and capacity development; and based on the findings, develop and promote such programs as deemed appropriate to successfully meet those needs.

IBEC, thus, assumes a proactive role in stimulating and leading some of the most profound state-of-the-art, fast-track, competitive and ethical  education and capacity development projects, certificates,  certifications, credentials, trainings, awards,  seminars, workshops, researches, collaborations, consultations, memberships and awareness campaigns across sectors in response to the respective emerging needs.

IBEC’s programs, targeting both individuals and institutions, envisage to bring about a transformative shift in terms of changing the attitudes and behaviors; imparting knowledge, skills and intellectual toughness so as to guide the beneficiaries to obtain, strengthen and maintain their capacities to perform their well-chosen functions in the most efficient, effective and sustainable manner with the ultimate goal of serving the humanity.

IBEC counts upon its wide-action network to come up with great ideas, mobilize resources, generate momentum, and create awareness, spurring revolutionary tangible results for the greater good, scaling up existing initiatives and catalyzing new SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Resource-based with Time-based deliverables) commitments and actions.


“To help generate and promote current and future leadership for a sustainable future.”

“ Proactively aid individuals and institutions with state-of-the-art education and capacity development programs  to help them meet their purpose of existence with utmost excellence, efficiency and sustainability.”