International Body For Education And Capacity Development – IBEC, is committed to build and shape capacities, inside and outside academia, to reinforce the process of sustainable development.

IBEC takes up processes involving extensive outreach, research, dialogue and collaboration to identify globally prioritized needs, challenges and opportunities in education and capacity development; and based on the findings, develop and promote such programs as deemed appropriate to successfully meet those needs.

IBEC, thus, assumes a proactive role in stimulating and leading some of the most profound state-of-the-art, fast-track, competitive and ethical  education and capacity development projects, certificates,  certifications, credentials, trainings, awards,  seminars, workshops, researches, collaborations, consultations, memberships and awareness campaigns across sectors in response to the respective emerging needs.

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Attuning to the essence of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change; SDG Goal 13 (Climate Action) and Goal 15 (Life On Land), IBEC has initiated an afforestation scheme in India named “MISSION OXYGEN” to help restore ecology and to fight climate change for sustainable living.

As a part of this scheme, we plant a sapling for each enrolment in our education and capacity development programs.

flipped learning


The state-of-the-art pedagogy IBEC uses in its school courses is of flipped learning. Coaches recognize that scholars bring prior knowledge to any learning situation and will engage with the curriculum through activities designed keenly by the coaches. The scholars then construct meaning through experiences.

Designed & Conducted By Professionals

Student-Friendly Study Material

Target The Scholars' Behavior

Free Membership To Allied NGOs

Are Custom Made As Per Age Groups

Felicitation At “IBEC Leader Awards”

Provide Experiential Learning

Free Access To Digital Learning Platform


Courses For School Students

Courses For College Students & Working Professionals

Graduates/ Post Graduates
3 Months
₹3,000 ₹1,499
Leadership In Sustainability Course This Leadership In Sustainability course introduces the academic approach of every aspects of sustainable devel...
139 Lectures
3 Months
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